Allergy is a result of an exaggerated immune response to an allergen, e.g. a particular food or pollen, house dust mite. Our immune system is our defence mechanism and it is there to respond to things like viruses and bacteria to defend ourselves.

Allergy now is most common condition in the whole of Europe.

Living in lockdown won’t stop allergies such as Hay fever from flaring up. In Covid 19 at home means other respiratory allergies such as those caused by house dust mite or pets can be increasingly challenging to manage. Therefore, it’s even more important to consider ways in which you can help alleviate the symptoms and create a more comfortable living space.

One of the best ways to manage allergies in lockdown is to be prepared. If your regular medications are running low now is the time to think about replenishing your supplies.

Most anti-allergy medications do not affect immunity. Using treatments like nasal steroid sprays before the start of the pollen season may help to reduce the inflammation in the nose that contributes to the symptoms of Hay fever. And using antihistamines at the start of the season may help to reduce itchy eyes and a runny nose so symptoms will be more manageable when outside.

At this time of Covid 19 there are certain differences between the symptoms of the virus and the symptoms of Hay fever.

In Covid 19 a common symptom is a new cough which is prolonged and does not go away. It can cause shortness of breath. If in doubt what causes the cough, seek medical advice.

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