Bone & Joint Health

Caring for your bone and joint health is essential to maintain your mobility and prevent injury.

Bones give body shape. They hold the body upright, and also protect organs like the heart and the liver. They store the minerals calcium and phosphorus, and also contain bone marrow, where new blood cells are made.

As we age fewer minerals are deposited than are dissolved so bone density starts to decline.

Calcium is essential for bones and in recent years scientists have discovered that magnesium is also same important as calcium because it helps regulate the deposition of calcium into the bones instead of into the soft tissues of the body.

As researches show Omega 3 fatty acids helps increase calcium absorption from the gut by enhancing the effects of vitamin D.

Several studies have suggested phytoestrogen-rich foods, such as soya products, are associated with decreased bone mineral loss.

As we age, joints wear and tear, flexing and moving thousands of times a day. Hip and knee joints have to carry our whole weight as well which leads to more joints wear and tear.

Luckily cartilage is constantly being maintained and renewed, that prevents bone meeting bone and for painful wearing to begin.

As we age our ability to regenerate declines, which can lead to creaky joints and more serious problems. Likewise we may have an increased need to maintain healthy joints following high impact sports activities.

The best way to prevent illness and injury to the musculoskeletal system – bones and joints – is to eat a healthy diet, supplement it if needed and be as active as you can and keep to a ‘Healthy Weight‘.

Explore our comprehensive range of supplements for maintaining healthy bones and joints, reducing inflammation and easing pain.

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