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Vitamin D is well known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’. Vitamin D is an essential addition to your lockdown arsenal. Beyond contributing to the normal function of the immune system. Low vitamin D levels are increasingly implicated in many health problems.

The highly absorbable form of vitamin D, vitamin D3, is best synthesised when sunlight directly hits the skin. However, thanks to our cloudy climate – not to mention modern ‘indoor’ lives, which are particularly prevalent at the moment – low levels of vitamin D are widespread amongst the UK population.

Vitamin D is essential for immune function. Healthy levels of this vitamin may help lower your risk of respiratory and other infections.

Vitamin D enhances the pathogen-fighting effects of monocytes and macrophages — white blood cells that are important parts of your immune defense — and decreases inflammation, which helps promote immune response.

Vitamin D deficiency may negatively affect immune function. Low vitamin D levels are associated with an increased risk of upper respiratory tract infections, including influenza and allergic asthma.

Many studies show that vitamin D supplements may improve immune response, may protect against respiratory tract and other infections.

Some studies show that vitamin D supplements may improve response to antiviral treatments in people with certain infections, including hepatitis C and HIV.

Depending on blood levels, 1,000 and 4,000 IU of vitamin D supplement per day is sufficient for most people. More serious deficiencies often require much higher doses though.

Respiratory infections, including, influenza, the COVID-19 virus and particularly pneumonia are a leading cause of death in people over 65 worldwide.


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