Heart & Circulation

Explore our wide range of ‘Heart & Circulation’ supplements that help maintain a healthy lifestyle with products that support healthy heart function, normal cholesterol levels and normal circulation.

Vitamins and Supplements for your heart and circulation come in a variety of formats from tablets and capsules to liquid. Many of our vitamins and supplements are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans as well as people who are taking Statins or who suffer with high levels of cholesterol.

Healthy blood flow is crucial for optimal health and healing, particularly cardiovascular and brain health. Discover FreeStream Fruitflow – our latest supplement manufactured in Finland which improves circulation.

Poor circulation can cause numbness in hands or feet, cold hands and feet, muscle cramping, swelling in your legs and ankles, brain fog, headaches and dizziness, low sex drive and desire, fatigue, shortness of breath.

Supplements that improve circulation and contribute to normal heart function include Omega-7 fatty acids, which contains Palmitoleic acid, Coenzyme Q10 (coQ10) that  supports circulation by inhibiting the formation of blood clots, Fish Oil which contains DHA and EPA fatty acids, L-arginine which is is an artery-protecting amino acid that boosts nitric oxide levels, Systemic enzymes such as protease and serrapeptase that support overall health and best known for their anti-inflammatory and circulation-boosting powers.

Discover FreeStream Fruitflow®, a blood thinner much better than aspirin that contributes to anticoagulation and prevents building up blood clots. Anticoagulation therapy in regards of blood clots is important in Coronavirus patients. Low doses of anticoagulation can act as prophylactic to prevent COVID-19 patients to develop blood clots.

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